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Give us a like here: Hirade H-15
or Getmecash4ever


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     You will probably support our site and also get a dividend of 0.30€ per share, per month just for holding these shares.
     The dividend of 0.30€ will be deposited to your paypal account during 10 days after every month's anniversary of your share purchase (when your dividends balance reaches more than 1€).
     You may buy as many shares as you like. If you want to sell your shares back to us at a later time when the price is higher you will have to contact us and notify us about this at least 48 hours before the desired exchange.
     Buying digital shares of our web site, you are receiving rights to gain dividends from this web site and at any time you can sell your shares for the best price (you do not have any rights to the web site property).
     The share price increases per 1€ every time our site total sales reach 3000€. This depends on how quickly we sell our services and products, tangible and intangible.
     PLUS: We shall design a custom page for you like this where you may include 5 text links in the right column and one ad of yours in the middle column with a detailed description, where we shall also add your number of shares you are holding and the proofs of payment to your paypal account .
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     NOTICE: There will be one such page given per shareholder. Buing more shares doesn't multiply this page.
     The best offer: When you purchase 40 or more shares (worth currently 560€) with your permission we shall create an account for you at emgoldex site in our team. You will get your referral url which you may promote to get new customers to your emgoldex account. You will continue to earn 0.30€ per share per month. And when your table is filled you will get your account details at emgoldex with your first payment in it minus the 540€ we have used for your registration at emgoldex. Meanwhile, you will not be able to sell your shares to us, because we shall have paid the amount of 540€ for your registration at emgoldex site. You will be able to sell your shares to us after your payment for your account registration at emgoldex has been paid back to us.
     You will be asked to send us a photo of your id or passport and a utility bill in your name; the address on the utility bill must match the address we have in your account profile. All documents must be in Latin characters.

     Order here.
     Example No1: You purchase 50 shares on January 20 and you decide to give us permission to open an account for you at emgoldex. We register an account for you at emgoldex and we provide you your link at emgoldex. You have to find 2 new customers at emgoldex to register with your link and pay for their registration also 540€ at emgoldex site, or purchase at least 40 shares from us and do it in the same way like you. Otherwise you will not get paid from emgoldex site. We design a custom page on our site as described above. From February 20 till March 1 we will send you 15€ (50 shares X 0.30€ divident per month) to your paypal account. You will fill your emgoldex table and get 3000€ minus 540€ into your emgoldex account. You decide to sell your shares when the price goes at 20€, so you get 1000€ when you sell your shares. You may understand how much is the ROI in 2 years investing only 700€ to buy the 50 shares
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     Referral program: We have also a referral program; when you become a shareholder by purchasing at least one digital share, you are eligible for our referral program. The only requirement is that you have to either notify us for your referral by providing his/her email address, or tell your referral to place your email address in the "comments" field of the purchase. Here is the rewards you get for bringing new shareholders on our site:
  • 0.30€ one time commission - 1st level
  • 0.15€ one time commission - 2nd level
  • 0.05€ one time commission - 3rd level
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